Got myself a new camera

Got myself a new camera

Finally, after years of dealing with Canon and their non-improvements I changed the manufacturer and got myself a Sony A7s. Don’t get me wrong, lots of credit is due for Canon to put the video function into their Canon 5D Mk II a couple of years ago. It was great at the time, but isn’t anymore. They just left their „lower end cameras“ crippled to be able to sell their cinema camera range. With the A7s nearly all my wishes come true, full frame as well as APS-C recording, 50p, a better codec, crazy lowlight capabilities and most of all details, details, details. None of that crappy soft Canon image embedded in a terrible codec. Fuck you Canon. I keep your lenses though.


  1. Good evening Mathias,

    I am deeply fascinated by cinema made with DSLRs and I am a true Canon fan.

    I am going through your videos, I wonder if pleasant and professional works as „All the edits I didn’t make“, „Ben Harmanus for Chimera and Adapt Brand“ and „Death to the 4th Wheel“ are shot with your 5D Mk II.

    I particularly liked a foggy veneer, apart from the dynamic of course.

    I wish you all the best for your creations, ad maiora !

    Francesco Carzedda

    • Hello,

      All shot on the 5d mkii or mkiii except for DTT4W, which was shot on an A7s.

      Thanks and Greets,

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